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Jan 07

Adventures in babysitting… Now with actual babies!

If I may be something of a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in bubble wrap, I’d like to speak about children of a different kind today.   I made a cinnamon orange coffee cake yesterday morning before I managed to acquire a wiggly baby. It was delicious.   The baby, I mean. The coffee …

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Apr 13

WTF Friday: That awkward moment when fat fingers almost result in pregnancy.

Fair warning for the boys – there’s some girl stuff here. Cover your ears. I’d mentioned a few months ago how I got a new doctor and we went about doing my life story before moving on to my annual wellness exams. Without going into too much detail, it basically became a fact finding mission …

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Mar 14

Babies in Shopping Carts and Granny Beatdowns

Ever spend too much time catching up on episodes of a TV show and then that TV show proceeds to rape your brain whilst you dream? No? It’s just me? I call bullshit. Obviously, I watched the show Raising Hope for the first time last night and it was so delightfully fucked up that I …

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Nov 09

What good are any kind of boots that won’t fit in someone’s ass?

The time has come to lay some hard truths on you kids these days. Because it seems there’s a dearth of positive role models when it comes to your clothing choices and the rest of us are being made to suffer. First and foremost, ladies, the Uggs have got to go. They are not cute …

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