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Apr 30

Rusty Hedgehog: Modern Art, or Depraved Sex Act?

Ah, long weekends! The delightful lack of responsibility. The languorous passage of time. The metric assload of work you end up having to catch up upon your return… So in case anyone actually wondered where I went or actually missed me, I decided to take a week hiatus after our Dubuque trip. With everything at …

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Apr 06

WTF Friday: Adventures in Landlording Part 2 – Sex, nudity, and your landlord

My little sociopaths are on spring break this week, so as campus housing goes, it’s been pretty quiet around here. Yet there was still plenty of fuckery to go around, so I’m going to finish this week with more tales of the weird from my strange ass job. As I was showing a campus apartment …

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Mar 30

WTF Friday: Top Dollar Paid for Dirty Souls

We’re a little behind the curve apparently, but Ken and I just started watching Mad Men. It has its moments, but I have growing concerns that Ken will insist that I wear more skirts that show my ankles and calves, and take to slapping me on the ass while telling me to grab him another …

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Mar 14

Babies in Shopping Carts and Granny Beatdowns

Ever spend too much time catching up on episodes of a TV show and then that TV show proceeds to rape your brain whilst you dream? No? It’s just me? I call bullshit. Obviously, I watched the show Raising Hope for the first time last night and it was so delightfully fucked up that I …

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Mar 13

How did you get here? Boobs, of course.

Ah, Tuesday! Day after Monday, feels like it should be Thursday. I have no idea what that means. I’m hungry, I’ve had no coffee today, and my brain keeps letting out a series of long-winded farts (Hah!) every time I try to type a cohesive sentence.  They don’t smell, so I’m assuming the farts are actually raspberries …

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