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Oct 16

On the chubby wings of cupcake angels


The matrimonial plaything and I celebrated our first anniversary a week early with a trip to Lake Geneva over the weekend.

Mar 09

Vehicular Operation Retardation Nation: Snow Edition

Dear Fellow Local Motorists,   I blame you dumbfounded dipshits for my progressively more violent road rage. Yes, it snowed last night, but there’s been ice on the roadways for the past two months! How is today different from any of the previous 60 days? Look, the posted speed limit is 30. Everyone else (including …

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Aug 10

Adventures in Bureaucratic Pencil Pushing, or, Why the Wisconsin DMV Can Blow Me.

I’ve lived here for 63 days and my name will be on our lease tomorrow morning. I thought that surely a lease would be good enough for the DMV, but I’ve been informed otherwise. Not even my lease agreement; a document stating my name, address, and a contractual intent to make monthly payments on a physical residence; are valid to establish proof of residency with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

May 03

Of Troglodytes and Erudites

Madison-in-April 011

Maybe I’ve spent too long in California and now I’m just a car-cissist, but my finely tuned common sense says that you shouldn’t take on a piece of machinery roughly ten times your size without being absolutely certain that A) you do, in fact, have the right of way, and B) that I care that you have right of way. Whoops… there’s the car-cissist rearing its ugly head.