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Feb 22

You are a crazy professional liability…

I need a vacation, yo. I haven’t had what you could well and truly call a vacation since October 2004. It was a beautiful, magical week in Club Med Cancun before those pussies became family friendly and seriously stunted my ability to spend 7 consecutive days in a perpetual alcoholic haze. I didn’t even get …

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Feb 15

Fantastic Beer Needs Good Home

So having just blown the GDP of a third world country on Christmas, the retail/hospitality sector thinks I need to bump my spending to that of a second world country because they’re suffering winter consumerism doldrums, and so another dreaded Valentine’s Day has come and gone. And yet, we celebrated it, albeit without the undue …

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Dec 15

WTF Friday’s Countdown to Christmas, Part 5: Redneck Spa-tacular and Creepy Gift Double Header

I know, I know… I missed last Friday’s post. The mom was still in town so I was trying to get in lots of quality time (gotta stay in the will and whatnot) and then I spent all weekend engaged in church related activities. (No, I didn’t suffer spontaneous combustion injuries, thanks for asking.) The …

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Nov 29

The savior was bore on the wings of flamingos.

My living room looks a Christmas emporium projectile vomited. The intent was to decorate the tree on Sunday, but between Turkey hangover, Christmas shopping, and the inevitable fatigue that sets in whenever you get a haircut (anyone know why that is?) it didn’t happen. I’ll get there sometime, but right now, you can’t make me. …

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Oct 11

Deep conversation cloaked in…inanity?

My momma is hot.

I’m a bitch. But this bitch will cut you like government cheese if you get anywhere near my mother with that whore mouth.

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