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Jun 30

Spaaaa-aww, fuck.

Everyone who gets to know me personally knows that I don’t exactly follow the socially approved format of the typical female. I hate clothes shopping. I own 7 pairs of shoes, and 2 of them are different types of tennis shoes. Given a choice, my ideal gift is something useful like a vacuum or a shiny …

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Feb 27

Some days aren’t worth the tissue you sob into.

Because it's not gross if it's your saliva.

I’ve been in this industry for a while now, and as with any job or industry out there, if you spend long enough marinating in it, you’ll develop a sixth sense about things. I can look at a group of prospective clients as I walk into an appointment and know that they’ll be high maintenance …

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May 21

Hanging Up: My Customer Service Skills Went to Shit This Weekend.

Overall, I had a pretty good weekend. I leased out all but two properties off campus last week, my patio garden is looking bright and beautiful, and I had a night out with the girls on Saturday. I spent most of the day Saturday playing video games in lieu of eating, so starting the night with a …

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Mar 30

WTF Friday: Top Dollar Paid for Dirty Souls

We’re a little behind the curve apparently, but Ken and I just started watching Mad Men. It has its moments, but I have growing concerns that Ken will insist that I wear more skirts that show my ankles and calves, and take to slapping me on the ass while telling me to grab him another …

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Oct 29

A village to raise a child, and a child to raze the village idiot.

Before opening your mouth to say something idiotic, make sure that your kid isn’t smart enough to correct your behavior.