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Mar 05

Average Inanity with a Twist of WTF?!?


On the way home from work yesterday, there was a 10 minute period where my husband and I had a conversation about DNA testing dog crap that pet owners fail to pick up. Him: Wait, that’s a thing?!? Noooooo! Me: It is. Some communities are very serious about keeping clean. Him: I would find one …

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Mar 21

Meaningful Discourse from the Idiots Savant

I spent half of today in the car, so I’m tired, cranky, and supremely unfunny right now. Luckily for you, my adoring/tolerant public, the archive is overflowing with our gems of exemplary conversational skills! So without further adieu, I give you another installment of weird/stupid/mildly offensive/borderline illegal conversations from the Ertel household! Meaningful Discourse from …

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Jan 27

WTF Friday: Do you hear yourself?

Ken just returned on Wednesday from a 10 day trip to UCLA for some mad scientist shit, and I’m pretty sure the petri dish flavor of the week destroyed his “Are the words coming out of my mouth a good idea?” filter. I mean, it’s never been top notch*, but now I think it’s completely …

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Dec 30

Our House is the Next Great Think Tank

The worst case scenario came true yesterday and my records retention project was put on hold as my boss had a near panic attack at the thought of files being *gasp* put into logical order. So. I will be dutifully avoiding that office suite until his next hunting half-day, at which point it’s on like …

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Nov 16

You’d better stick the landing, or they’ll assume he beats you.

This week is two days old and it’s already two days too long. Then again, I suppose it doesn’t bode well for your week as a whole when you end up in Urgent Care halfway through Monday. See, I started the day kicking ass. I caught up on a ton of paperwork, I showed a …

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