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Jun 02

Old Navy, you’re a crusty skank.

I’d spend a paragraph apologizing profusely for my lack of posts in the past many months, but many of you understand all too well (and some of you beat me to the punch), so I’ll just say Hello. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed blogging. Even though work has been ridiculously busy, I still find myself …

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Feb 01

Love Letters of DOOM: The Snowpocalypse Edition

You know, I keep meaning to write in this thing, but to be honest, there’s just not much going on lately. I’m 95% leased for next year and the off-campus renewal season won’t start until April. So I’ve spent a lot of time catching up on paperwork and filing, and then fleshing out more of …

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Jan 18

Bitcherella, the Evil College Roommate – Part One

Happy GLORIOUS Friday! I took a whole Ambien last night and experienced nothing until 6 am when I woke up having to pee, and thinking it was the weekend. Imagine my intense bitterness at being reminded otherwise by the alarm clock. And then my husband. And then Mika. Somehow, once I got to the office, …

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Sep 12

The world is full of so much sickening fail.

Sick days always make me feel so friggin’ guilty.  I’m not accustomed to sitting on my ass and doing nothing – I’m all about the productivity, but sometimes when you’re feeling like fried ass, the only thing that sounds remotely restorative is sitting on your ass and doing nothing. I had such a dilemma on …

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Aug 15

Sleep deprivation is hilarious. But only to me.

Day 2 of the Turnover 3 is almost down, and for the most part it’s been pretty quiet. I made my position pretty cast-iron solid when I sent all the letters to tenants, so maybe they’re going to take my words at face value for a change. So for the most part, we’re all here, …

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