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Feb 21

What in the fuzzy pink hell is this?!?

As many of you know, I am a crafty bitch. Cooking, baking, cake decorating, sewing, cross stitching, framing, furniture restoration – I’m good at pretty much all the crafting pursuits (except crochet – I’d like to Ch 1, turn; sc in first 5 (10, 15) dc in your ass, bitch.) and the ones I haven’t …

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Feb 10

WTF Friday – Valentine’s Gift Edition

Valentine’s Day, as we all know and dread, is a day to celebrate the great rollercoaster… of love. (Rollercoaster! Ah woo woo woo!) In the great American tradition, you can be a part of this joyous occasion by doing the following: Find an ATM. Withdraw double what you’d normally spend on a night out with …

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Dec 15

WTF Friday’s Countdown to Christmas, Part 5: Redneck Spa-tacular and Creepy Gift Double Header

I know, I know… I missed last Friday’s post. The mom was still in town so I was trying to get in lots of quality time (gotta stay in the will and whatnot) and then I spent all weekend engaged in church related activities. (No, I didn’t suffer spontaneous combustion injuries, thanks for asking.) The …

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Nov 29

The savior was bore on the wings of flamingos.

My living room looks a Christmas emporium projectile vomited. The intent was to decorate the tree on Sunday, but between Turkey hangover, Christmas shopping, and the inevitable fatigue that sets in whenever you get a haircut (anyone know why that is?) it didn’t happen. I’ll get there sometime, but right now, you can’t make me. …

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Nov 11

WTF Friday: Countdown to Christmas Edition, Part One

I get a lot of catalogs in the mail. If I had to assign a percentage, I’d say about 85% of our mail is catalogs. Some of them are places I’ve ordered from in the past like Pottery Barn or Frontgate, but most of them are seriously trashy, “build your credit while buying a bunch …

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