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Oct 29

My vagina is ringing and other assorted quirks.

Sorry y’all – work ate my last two weeks and I just don’t know where it all went. On top of work stuff, Friday was our long awaited masked opera and my in-laws were here from California for the game. It was a fully loaded weekend and I haven’t had a chance to speak to …

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May 17

The boobs are EVERYWHERE.

I got bored waiting for a showing earlier this week, so I started playing Draw Something. There are entirely too many somethings being drawn in this game with decidedly sexual overtones. I’m not much of an artist, but I feel like I get the point across pretty well. Not like these little fuckertwats who just …

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Apr 30

Rusty Hedgehog: Modern Art, or Depraved Sex Act?

Ah, long weekends! The delightful lack of responsibility. The languorous passage of time. The metric assload of work you end up having to catch up upon your return… So in case anyone actually wondered where I went or actually missed me, I decided to take a week hiatus after our Dubuque trip. With everything at …

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Feb 15

Fantastic Beer Needs Good Home

So having just blown the GDP of a third world country on Christmas, the retail/hospitality sector thinks I need to bump my spending to that of a second world country because they’re suffering winter consumerism doldrums, and so another dreaded Valentine’s Day has come and gone. And yet, we celebrated it, albeit without the undue …

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Nov 30

The Atypically Relevant Answer to “Go the Fuck to Sleep.”

The bossman has a silly rule ’bout someone being here To show and rent apartments for next academic year. Today is just a rare day where there’s nothing left to do Can’t hide under my desk and nap or my employment will be through. Do some rainy day project? If I had one here, I …

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