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Jan 06

WTF Friday – WTF is this pounding in my head?!?

Migraines are fucking balls, y’all. I don’t get them nearly as often as I used to, but when I do, I am on my ass for a minimum of 12 hours. And yet, there is a distinct possibility that it exists as some sort of Sleeper Superpower for me. Take Wednesday for example – I …

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Sep 19

“What do you mean, you blew up your toilet?” and Other Adventures in Property Management


Returning to work after the weekend is always a quagmire of suck when you work in property management with a lot of campus area housing. Today seemed to be pretty calm – No girls were flipping out over a bat in the building. None of the frat boys embedded his roommate’s head in the drywall …

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Mar 01

Lunacy or solar flares? The study of insanity intensifies…

I checked my calendar and it would appear that we’re not scheduled for a full moon for about another two weeks. I didn’t read anything in the news recently about solar flares. To the best of my knowledge, the state mental health facilities are operating with no security breaches, and if the chromium-6 content of …

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