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Jan 02

The Rabid Nutball Has Returned.

  Happy 2013, people!   It’s been a long hiatus, and I wish I could say that I was taking a much needed vacay, but that’s not really true. November and December are my busiest months because I generally go from 95% vacancy to about 20% vacancy in a whirlwind 3 weeks. I worked a …

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May 18

WTF Friday: WTF do you mean I’m old?!?

My little brother just celebrated his 27th birthday yesterday and it gave me pause. I’ve always seen him as my little brother. I can remember the diaper changes where he always managed to pee on our sister once the diaper came off. He’s got the most adorable 2-year old daughter so he’s sort of achieved …

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Apr 20

WTF Friday: Adventures in Landlording Part 3 – Threats of Violence as Currency

In addition to the falsely entitled twenty-something twats I work with in the course of my average day, I also get stuck working with some difficult/high maintenance property owners. Oh, who am I kidding? I have exactly one difficult AND high maintenance owner, and today, we salute you, Mr. PenisHead von Fuckertwat! Most property owners …

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Mar 09

WTF Friday: Adventures in Landlording

As I’ve pointed out before, my job is a walking, talking mental disorder. Of any job I’ve ever had, property management has provided more WTF fodder than I could ever have prepared for. At the insistence of more people than I can count at this point, I’ve decided to start posting regular snippets of my …

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Jan 09

Dr. Douchebag! Paging Dr. Douchebag!

***Disclaimer to male readers (not that I believe you exist in this corner of the internet): This is about chick stuff. Go ‘way while you still have your innocence intact.*** It seems that my migraines of last week were as well timed as a migraine can be, since I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled to …

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