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Jun 25

More Love Letters of Doom

Let’s play a game of riddles!   What has two thumbs, is working this weekend, and has a less than positive attitude about it?   If you didn’t know that I was referring to myself, then you’re obviously new here. Welcome. And brace yourself.   It just so happens that the 30th, and termination dates …

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Oct 01

The Peanut Gallery is Closed for Much Needed Renovations

I have a metric assload of stuff to do today and I’m still a little frazzled from accidentally shutting off the alarm this morning and then waking up at 7:00, so today’s rapier wit comes to you as snippets of conversation with my friends and husband.     Ken: What do you call those black …

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May 10

Auto Correct Has Left Me Handicapped.

Once again, you won’t get any hilarious photos, comics, or captions for this post because there is nothing on the internet that would be even a smidgen as hilarious as the imagery that you will conjure without even having to try. I would like to start by saying that I am so fucking over this …

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Mar 07

5 Facepalms to Complete Mental Retardation

Thunderstorms, bitches! We had snow this weekend, 60 degrees and sun yesterday, and thunder and lightning now. This is the most bizarre winter ever. Work was quite productive until I spent that last 5 minutes of my day being screamed at by a completely irrational and utterly idiotic frat mom. I won’t go into the …

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Nov 18

WTF Friday: Countdown to Christmas Edition, Part Two

You must be having a slow day, or are otherwise looking for a laugh. Perhaps you were here last week when we kicked off the holiday gift giving season with basic decorating. Whatever your motivation, I heartily welcome you back to our enlightening multi-part series of posts wherein I present to you: WTF?!? Friday: Your …

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