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Sep 12

The world is full of so much sickening fail.

Sick days always make me feel so friggin’ guilty.  I’m not accustomed to sitting on my ass and doing nothing – I’m all about the productivity, but sometimes when you’re feeling like fried ass, the only thing that sounds remotely restorative is sitting on your ass and doing nothing. I had such a dilemma on …

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Mar 19

Greatest Hits (to my head)

Despite being the middle of March when we’d usually be getting a lot of rain and a freak snowstorm or three, this weekend was quite warm and a little sticky. On Saturday night, I had my sweaty husband pressed against one side of me and a furry beast of a cat sticking to the other and …

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Aug 15

Still in the Fray.

Here it is, two months after the move, and where are we now?

Jun 17

Life at the speed of…huh?

I figured it might be time for an update, given the magnitude of change that’s gone on in the past month.

May 03

Of Troglodytes and Erudites

Madison-in-April 011

Maybe I’ve spent too long in California and now I’m just a car-cissist, but my finely tuned common sense says that you shouldn’t take on a piece of machinery roughly ten times your size without being absolutely certain that A) you do, in fact, have the right of way, and B) that I care that you have right of way. Whoops… there’s the car-cissist rearing its ugly head.