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Feb 27

It’s like the Special Olympics with Tourette’s inside my head.

Holy shit, y’all. I just opened my lunch box to put my empty container back and got stabbed in the forehead by a plastic fork that flew out of the lid. Clearly, it’s going to be that kind of week. Work has been a little rough for me lately, not because of the interaction with …

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Feb 14

Your “Tastes Like an Expensive Date Night” Recipe Review

Happy Coerced Affection Day! Seriously, I hate this day for any number of reasons, but I do my best to conjur a magical evening that puts all the retail enslaved sheeple to shame. Ken and I have only been married a little more than a year, but we’ve been putting up with each other’s shit …

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Apr 04

Shaping up to be… a shape other than round

It’s been a while since I’ve been a regular gym-goer. I was a 24 Hour Fitness member right up until the month I left California, but I couldn’t force myself to go. There were just so many compelling reasons to avoid the gym like the plague: The steroidal goons sucking at water bottles like a …

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