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Feb 01

Love Letters of DOOM (Part Two)

It seems that everyone has been a little blah lately – blame the winter doldrums or whatever. I’ve never been prone to seasonal affective disorders, myself. What I can say, however, is that I’m sicker now than I’ve been since the (not-so) Great Cancer Debacle of ’05. We’re talking 3 days and counting of feverish, …

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Mar 04

Getting lost in life…

I had initially put this site together to keep everyone up to date on the wedding and family stuff. There hasn’t been much to update since the wedding, but now that things are settling down, I have my list of things I want to start dedicating my time to starting (and finishing).

Jun 17

Life at the speed of…huh?

I figured it might be time for an update, given the magnitude of change that’s gone on in the past month.

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