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May 25

WTF Friday:Adventures in Landlording – I eagerly await canonization.

As I was rollin’ into work this morning, Cake’s Rock ‘n Roll Lifestyle came on the radio. I cranked that shit because it makes me immeasurably happy. They were trolling hipsters and entitled twatbadgers before it became an American pastime, and for that, I salute them. Ladies and gentlemen, it is the weekend. And not just …

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Apr 17

Happy Birthday! Have Some Untimely Death by Moped.

It's almost a daily occurrence for cyclists in Madison to blow off a stop sign and almost get hit by a car or plow through a pedestrian.

The weather has been nicer and more spring-like lately*, so I’m trying to walk to more of my showings within 4-5 blocks of my office. *Except yesterday when it was so windy I got choked with my own hair every time I opened my mouth to speak. Even Mother Nature wants me to shut the …

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Mar 16

WTF Friday: The Good, the Bad, and the — Wait, seriously?

I cannot get over Mother Nature’s perfect little March Madness Mindfuck. It is March 15th and I have the air conditioning on because it’s 78 degrees outside. I’m pretty sure it was still snowing at this time last year. I’m even more thrilled by the fact that I get to be out of the office …

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Feb 20

Jedis, Dildos, and Blow – My Life on the Road

I spent a good chunk of my day on Friday in the car, driving from one property to another, doing my best to mow down all the undergrads wearing headphones without a scintilla of an iota of an ounce of the common sense required to avoid stepping in front of my oncoming vehicle. And if …

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Feb 17

WTF Friday: Our bacon obsession is officially out of control.

Before you start posting irrational hate mail, hear me out. I love me some pork product. When cooked properly, bacon could bring about world peace. No joke. But then I found this. And I’m confronting the demons of my greatest culinary love. Yes, that is a real, taxidermied piggy turned piggy-bank. For the reasonable insane …

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