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Jan 17

Wherever you went to school, please return there post haste.

    Here it comes – winter break is wrapping up and the undergrads are trickling back to destroy my casual calm of this past month. I sent emails to next year’s tenants reminding them that I’ll need certain paperwork when they get back to campus only to hear, “I didn’t know we had to …

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Sep 17

I wouldn’t be surprised by a water balloon baptism.

  As I mentioned two or three hundred times over the past few months, the husband and I moved to the other side of town at the beginning of September because our former management company decided to pull a dickbag move and jack our rent. Then, to add insult to ‘fuck you’, they also decided …

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May 04

WTF Friday: Conversations with the Great Unwashed

Ever had one of those weeks where you had a long/bad day and you come home to find that you want to throw everything in your house into the trash can? Then you take a shot, have another look, and realize that you’re just inundated with stupid little clutter? That was me last night. Ken …

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Apr 06

WTF Friday: Adventures in Landlording Part 2 – Sex, nudity, and your landlord

My little sociopaths are on spring break this week, so as campus housing goes, it’s been pretty quiet around here. Yet there was still plenty of fuckery to go around, so I’m going to finish this week with more tales of the weird from my strange ass job. As I was showing a campus apartment …

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Feb 08

My coffee pot has a more impressive sex life than I do.

I’m still dying over here, hence the blog silence lately, but I think I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Whether that means I’m getting better, or there really is a god and it’s seen fit to take some of my pain away as I float toward the light remains …

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