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Jun 02

Old Navy, you’re a crusty skank.

I’d spend a paragraph apologizing profusely for my lack of posts in the past many months, but many of you understand all too well (and some of you beat me to the punch), so I’ll just say Hello. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed blogging. Even though work has been ridiculously busy, I still find myself …

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Sep 12

The world is full of so much sickening fail.

Sick days always make me feel so friggin’ guilty.  I’m not accustomed to sitting on my ass and doing nothing – I’m all about the productivity, but sometimes when you’re feeling like fried ass, the only thing that sounds remotely restorative is sitting on your ass and doing nothing. I had such a dilemma on …

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Jul 19

F@*& you. Pay me.

I fail completely at blogging lately, I know. Work/work related stuff and moving/move related stuff can just eat me. It’s also been hot as hell and at the end of the day, all I really have the energy for is 3-4 hours of video games. Thankfully, we got a wet deluge of awesome last night …

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May 18

WTF Friday: WTF do you mean I’m old?!?

My little brother just celebrated his 27th birthday yesterday and it gave me pause. I’ve always seen him as my little brother. I can remember the diaper changes where he always managed to pee on our sister once the diaper came off. He’s got the most adorable 2-year old daughter so he’s sort of achieved …

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Apr 17

Happy Birthday! Have Some Untimely Death by Moped.

It's almost a daily occurrence for cyclists in Madison to blow off a stop sign and almost get hit by a car or plow through a pedestrian.

The weather has been nicer and more spring-like lately*, so I’m trying to walk to more of my showings within 4-5 blocks of my office. *Except yesterday when it was so windy I got choked with my own hair every time I opened my mouth to speak. Even Mother Nature wants me to shut the …

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