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Apr 30

Rusty Hedgehog: Modern Art, or Depraved Sex Act?

Ah, long weekends! The delightful lack of responsibility. The languorous passage of time. The metric assload of work you end up having to catch up upon your return… So in case anyone actually wondered where I went or actually missed me, I decided to take a week hiatus after our Dubuque trip. With everything at …

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Feb 27

It’s like the Special Olympics with Tourette’s inside my head.

Holy shit, y’all. I just opened my lunch box to put my empty container back and got stabbed in the forehead by a plastic fork that flew out of the lid. Clearly, it’s going to be that kind of week. Work has been a little rough for me lately, not because of the interaction with …

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Feb 14

Your “Tastes Like an Expensive Date Night” Recipe Review

Happy Coerced Affection Day! Seriously, I hate this day for any number of reasons, but I do my best to conjur a magical evening that puts all the retail enslaved sheeple to shame. Ken and I have only been married a little more than a year, but we’ve been putting up with each other’s shit …

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Jan 08

Zombie Jobs and Dragon Bill Gates – Your Monday Recipe Review

I have some sage advice for you folks: don’t drink coffee at 9:00 PM and then go to bed at 10:30. I spent all night dreaming that it was the evening of the apocalypse and buildings were exploding, the streets were deserted and zombie Steve Jobs came riding in on a dragon Bill Gates. Needless …

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Jan 06

WTF Friday – WTF is this pounding in my head?!?

Migraines are fucking balls, y’all. I don’t get them nearly as often as I used to, but when I do, I am on my ass for a minimum of 12 hours. And yet, there is a distinct possibility that it exists as some sort of Sleeper Superpower for me. Take Wednesday for example – I …

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