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Oct 15

Full Bodied Threats, Empty Headed Whiners

Mondays should be illegal in this industry.     Leasing season began in earnest today, although I’ve been showing apartments for 2 weeks now. Of course, I’m hyper aware of building appearance and which of my tenants have the housekeeping skills of feral pigs. And already I have concerns, and valid ones at that. Four …

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Mar 09

WTF Friday: Adventures in Landlording

As I’ve pointed out before, my job is a walking, talking mental disorder. Of any job I’ve ever had, property management has provided more WTF fodder than I could ever have prepared for. At the insistence of more people than I can count at this point, I’ve decided to start posting regular snippets of my …

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Oct 26

Sorry for sounding like I’m talking through a mouthful of cock.

It never fails- I will go to the dentist and get good and numb, but have no problems with enunciation. Then, when all the happy pain goo runs out, the swelling is atrocious and I sound like I’ve got a dick in my mouth. Fuckin’ dentist. And of course, dentist day is always the day …

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