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Mar 29

I’d like to thank the mental institution for letting me be here today.

Don't you bastards dare judge me. I know you've all done worse.

    In case you haven’t already been there, I did a guest post on Naturally Inappropriate today and used up a large portion of my allotted brilliance for the day.  However, I’ve been terribly neglectful of this thing lately, and that makes me feel this yucky sensation in my stomach that kind of feels …

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Mar 07

5 Facepalms to Complete Mental Retardation

Thunderstorms, bitches! We had snow this weekend, 60 degrees and sun yesterday, and thunder and lightning now. This is the most bizarre winter ever. Work was quite productive until I spent that last 5 minutes of my day being screamed at by a completely irrational and utterly idiotic frat mom. I won’t go into the …

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Oct 11

Deep conversation cloaked in…inanity?

My momma is hot.

I’m a bitch. But this bitch will cut you like government cheese if you get anywhere near my mother with that whore mouth.