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Jun 25

More Love Letters of Doom

Let’s play a game of riddles!   What has two thumbs, is working this weekend, and has a less than positive attitude about it?   If you didn’t know that I was referring to myself, then you’re obviously new here. Welcome. And brace yourself.   It just so happens that the 30th, and termination dates …

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Feb 17

WTF Friday: Our bacon obsession is officially out of control.

Before you start posting irrational hate mail, hear me out. I love me some pork product. When cooked properly, bacon could bring about world peace. No joke. But then I found this. And I’m confronting the demons of my greatest culinary love. Yes, that is a real, taxidermied piggy turned piggy-bank. For the reasonable insane …

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Jan 20

WTF Friday: A week in pictures

Moo Love

I woke up this morning in a funk, probably because I slept like shit last night. As productive and calorie free as I’ve been in the last 3 days, I think I’m over the bachelorette lifestyle and if the husband is listening, he’s welcome to come home early if he likes. I started this day …

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Oct 04

Your ambition may be pre-mature.

Trust me - i'm a doctuuuuuur.

They should license people to deliver a righteous reality check of a bitch slap to people like this. Hell, they should make it a doctorate. It will be the closest most of these flaming dickwhistles get to anything resembling the medical profession, short of becoming an anatomical research dummy.