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Sep 14

The Grumbles McRantyPants Guide to Human Interaction

We live in a world with an infinite combination of thoughts, opinions, and personalities; all co-mingling and feeding off others. Some might call this “joie de vivre.” I call this a constant reminder of why, when the Zombie Apocalypse comes, I’m going to double-tap first and say my whoopsies later.   Some people react to …

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Feb 24

WTF Friday – Sexytime Scares

With a title like that, you may be wondering if this will be safe for work. To that end, I can only say…depends on how kinky your boss is. If there’s even a small chance that your boss or corporate net nannies own a few of these, then this probably isn’t safe for work. Most …

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Jan 23

Sweet Strings and Inappropriate Things

No recipe today, kids. It’s still just me and the cat and I’m still working on a pizza from Friday night. I don’t imagine I’ll be cooking again until Wednesday night. In the absence of cooking this weekend, I did manage to be super productive. I finally went through 5 months of Bon Appetit and catalogued the …

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Jan 11

Because there was no one left to speak for the orgasms.

I have a fucking soapbox, and by damn, I’ma gonna use it! Ever since the first sheltered housewife became uncomfortably tingly in the pantyhose over Elvis Presley, the FCC has been around to tell us what content is decent for polite society. As the years have gone by, a few words and phrases slip into …

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