Feb 19

Random Insomniac Thoughts – An Introspective

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I’m feeling terribly introspective tonight. (It’s terrible because it’s keeping me awake.) When your mind is processing a million thoughts at a time, you must put them to paper or your brain gets b0rked. Seriously, look it up. Hippocampus – big cerebral computer. Computers crash.


The rush hour melee that is my big, beautiful neocortex seems to be really focused on education tonight, though I couldn’t tell you how I detoured onto that particular off-ramp. I tagged some of you people that may understand what in the hot, blue flaming hell I’m trying to say.


So, ride the spiral to the end. It may just go where no one’s been. (Except for me, and I think I’d appreciate the company.)




Trends are just another way of hiding the fact that you lack the creativity to be original.


Self esteem is knowing the person you are and being comfortable with it, not being told that every little thing you do is magic.


People are far more interesting when they are happy and comfortable in their own skin, rather than caring so much about what other people think of them that they never learn who they really are. Be true to yourself or you will always fight for relevance and lose.


Why does no one read anymore? Why am I the oddity because I’d rather read than watch television? On that note, it also irks me that reality television has not died a swift, but excruciatingly painful death.


Let’s remove some of these superfluous warning labels since no one reads anymore anyway. Either common sense will prevail, or natural selection will. Either way, it’s a win for humanity.


The more I hang around the internet, the more I want to punch every English teacher in America for not instilling the importance of proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar in their pupils. If at first you cannot construct a coherent, original thought that makes sense on paper, try again. And if you lack the drive to see it through, I’ll have fries with that.


Furthermore, why are we encouraging this travesty that is cyber speak? I cannot take a person seriously in real life if their online persona can’t speak like a grownup.


Current education measures have failed miserably. It’s time to go back to the ‘sink or swim’ method of teaching. It is doing a disservice to capable, bright children with the willingness to invest the time and effort to excel in life by setting the bar so low that any buffoon, dimwit, and slacker can trip over it. By all means, leave that child behind.


I really think that college should be one of those things you have to wait a year or two before you’re allowed to attend. Who takes their education seriously enough at 18 years old to get 40k in debt? Who really knows what they want to do with their life when they’re 18? Or 22? Or 25? At what age do you really even know whom you are as a person to make that decision? I don’t think I fully understood that until I was at least 23, and sometimes I still wonder.


As a general rule, I’ve found that neither age nor college degree indicates any measure of wisdom. Or intelligence. Or even common sense. Not even close. I’ve met too many “college graduates” who would have been eaten by their mothers, if they had been wild animals.


I am simply astounded by the number of my friends and colleagues who never learned to cook even the most basic meal for themselves, maintain a household, or even sew a button. More astounding is the fact that I am something of a cynosure because I do possess what I assumed to be very basic skills.


It is true that higher education is not the end all, be all that society touts it to be. It is also true that there’s very little to learn in college that you couldn’t learn from reading a book on your own, or just trying something for yourself. Yes, in most of the world, experience is still preferred over a piece of paper that demonstrates your ability to meet basic education requirements. That doesn’t keep me from wanting to pursue 5-7 more years of college anyway.


The wisest people I know possess a simple joy of life and profound love of knowledge. They have the wisdom of life experiences, rather than the wisdom of their years of survival. It’s not survival if you haven’t lived.


I am an elitist. I hold people to a high standard and I am intensely disappointed when they fail to measure up, but it’s because I believe that everyone is capable of living up to that potential.


I may very well be misguided or flat out wrong about many of these opinions and perceptions, but as I get older, I’m also more amenable to being wrong. Why wouldn’t I welcome the opportunity to see things from another perspective?Why wouldn’t you?


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