Jun 17

Life at the speed of…huh?

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I figured it might be time for an update, given the magnitude of change that’s gone on in the past month.

The cross country move is done and over with. We got into town on the evening of June 7th, but the furniture didn’t arrive until the 14th. We lost two bottles of rather pricey wine, and the furniture is scraped up pretty badly, but some wood putty, sand paper, and stain covered up most of the damage. I don’t think I’ll be moving this furniture again.

Little by little, the apartment is starting to come together. Last night was the first night since we left California that I slept in my own bed, but I was too sore to sleep soundly. I’m waiting to take my national exam so that I can get my Wisconsin license, but that seems to be taking forever.

I have enough things to unpack and organize to stave off the insanity of boredom for about another week, but I’m looking for interim employment anyway. I’d also like to be able to put some money away. Not for the wedding, since I don’t know what’s going to happen with the wedding anymore, but just because. Rainy days. Future plans. Life happens, and when it does, it’s nice to not kill yourself with stress. Should I ever get to a point where stress isn’t making me stabby, I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, it’s all about finding normal, or something like it…

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