Jul 25

I’m gonna kick you in the taco, hobag.

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So as I slip further and further into this debillitating bout with STS (short timer’s syndrome) I find it easier and easier to shuffle off the ball and chain that is work. Example: I have spent all day thus far answering phones and filing occasionally while watching Netflix and also crafting at my desk. Coworker started his vacation today and the boss is out of town at another property for the day, leaving me to hold down the fort. Of course, that didn’t stop the bastard from calling in at 8:02 to make I actually came in.  Consider my paid foray into needlepoint the price of treating employees like trained monkeys. Schmuck.

Really, the only drama to be had around these parts lately is the fact that the city council rammed through a new ordinance that makes it mandatory for Landlords to provide voter registration information and forms to all of our tenants in their move-in packets. Because obviously, making sure they brush their teeth, and eat their vegetables, and register to vote is part of the business of renting an apartment. Yeah. I’ll get right on that, as soon as I finish tucking them in. The political cartoon the paper ran was pretty priceless. Never in my life have my tenants been so perfectly represented in pen and ink:


Except for the phones, which are out of control with the usual barrage of stupid questions, it’s SLOOOOOW this week. My husband is wrapping up his last day of the Mad Science conference, which means I haven’t seen him for more than about an hour since Saturday. I’m having some difficulty in making my small amount of work stretch out over 9 hours. “The  calm before the turnover shitstorm,” as we’ve taken to calling it. By all accounts, I should be taking these days as paid vacation, but the boss would probably have a stroke at being closed, so here I am. To make up for the fact that I’m bored shitless, I spend a lot of time logged into G-chat, yapping at Queen Inappropriate and dragging her productivity down to my level.

Yesterday, we had some contentious debate via chat and failbook regarding our respective proclivities for Mexican food.

Taco Slut: so saturday morning, we’ll do the normal breakfast taco thing– bacon, eggs, cheese, sausage sour cream, salsa veggies.  you can eat your shit on a tortilla or not
 me: I love me breakfast burritos.
Mexi-whore: no.  tacos.  they are not burritos
 me: Same fuckin’ thing.
Incorrect Skank: no.
me: yes.
Utterly Mistaken: No. They are not the same thing at all
me: Same ingredients, different size tortilla.
Dead Wrong: You live in wisconsin. you don’t even know what you’re talking about
 me: I spent 7 years in California. I know my mexican breakfast, ho.
Still wrong: that’s not even mexican, fuck you. 
me: Semantics, bitch. You has them and I still don’t care. :)
Never been more wrong: Fuck you. A burrito is not a taco.  it’s like saying a fucking car is a truck.

And it didn’t stop there. She decided to drag failbook into it too.

And in case you missed the pictured she linked me:

Taco Harpy: I made this for you:

me: You can just eat me, you taco fellating freak.
Crazed Taco Whore: haha

In other news, It’s 11 more work hours until my flight to go spend the weekend with Taco Slut and the rest of our nerd collective. However the previous years’ parties have gone, King Inappropriate is in for some massive hair loss. Queen Inappropriate is a handful of a firecracker on her own. Add Inappropriate Friend to the mix, and he’s double fisting trouble AND handfuls of torn out hair.

Game on!


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  1. NATurally Inappropriate

    As the aforementioned Taco Slut, I would like to invite you to fuck yourself. A burrito is NOT a taco.
    NATurally Inappropriate recently posted..Light bulbs…complicated shitMy Profile

    1. admin

      You’re still missing the bigger point, and you’re still wrong Mexi-skank.

  2. Jana

    Not to side against you Nat – but a burrito is just like a taco.
    Do you have a tortilla – CHECK
    Do you have beans – CHECK
    Do you have meat – CHECK
    Do you have fixins – CHECK

    Ummm….the only diff is the fold!
    Jana recently posted..Pack an extra pair of shoes and your angry eyes…just in CASE PEEPSMy Profile

    1. admin

      I love you, Jana.

  3. Danielle Geer (@deathbycupakes)

    A burrito is not a taco. And yes, we Californians knows our Mexican food. Also? Who the fuck ever heard of a breakfast TACO? It’s a breakfast BURRITO.


    The end.

    Danielle Geer (@deathbycupakes) recently posted..The Time I Thought I Was FunnyMy Profile

    1. admin

      I love you, Dani.

  4. Jana

    Umm…Dani…No (LOL I love that us Cali girls are debating this topic!)

    From the Hispanic Kitchen (based in TEXAS FYI)
    Breakfast Tacos
    Breakfast tacos are truly a Texas standalone breed. Like burritos, the only thing Mexican about them is the use of flour tortillas. You won’t find either in an authentic Mexico restaurant unless it’s a tourist destination. Outside of Texas, you’ll still be stuck with a burrito. Austin is the hotspot but throughout the state, restaurants and Tex-Mex stands of all sizes list a long menu of ingredient options.

    By nature, fillings are more lightly applied, but eggs are the base. That’s what makes it breakfast. Because they’re smaller, you may want to choose two or three off the menu and these should include different add-in ingredients for the full experience of enjoying Texas breakfast tacos. They’ll typically be rolled in foil, bagged, and ready for the ride.

    The Bottom Line
    Breakfast burritos are brimming with numerous ingredients and one can be a complete meal. They may be a bit messy and naturally cost more. Tortillas used here are larger in size.

    Breakfast tacos are smaller, fresher, cheaper, have fewer ingredients, and should arrive wrapped in foil. That makes them portable and less of a mess for eating on-the-go.

    Now, for a laundry list of ingredients, we’ll start with eggs and you can adjust from there. If you are creating a Texas breakfast taco menu, you might try these combos:
    Eggs, chorizo and nopalitos (small cactus chunks)
    Migas (find the recipe here)
    Ground breakfast sausage and onions
    Bacon and jalapeno
    Hash browns and ham
    Cheese and refried beans
    Carne guisada
    Sauces (green, black, red)
    Cheeses (Monterrey Jack, Pepper Jack, Oaxaca, Processed)
    Potatoes (home fries, hash browns
    Jana recently posted..Pack an extra pair of shoes and your angry eyes…just in CASE PEEPSMy Profile

    1. admin

      Yeah, you two are from the Bay area and Central Coast, respectively. I’m sure that whatever y’all had up there is still vastly different from what we had in Orange County.

  5. Rachel

    I’d take a taco or burrito at this point. After reading all this, I just really want some Mexican breakfast goodness all up in my mouth.

    1. admin

      I’d kill a bitch for chilaquiles right now.

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