Mar 04

Getting lost in life…

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So many months have passed and so much has happened since the last update.

The wedding is long over with, and we have some pictures posted in the gallery. Our home has finally achieved stasis, save for the lack of a bed in the guest room (but that’s what the aerobed is for, right?). Mowgli has attempted to assert himself as alpha male of the house, but the real alpha (me) still rules supreme!

My job had spiraled into a quagmire of hate and crazy, stemming from the promotion of a certain ill-equipped individual to the role of general manager. Her mishandling of every facet of management had begun to border on a legal nightmare as well, so I decided to ditch the drama. I now work for a local property management group Downtown where I’m constantly busy, compensated much better for my efforts, and loving every minute of it. The job has given me the opportunity to make use of skills that were undergoing a serious case of atrophy as I sat at the front desk, answering phones and babysitting 20-year olds. This is a much better fit.

I had initially put this site together to keep everyone up to date on the wedding and family stuff. There hasn’t been much to update since the wedding, but now that things are settling down, I have my list of things I want to start dedicating my time to starting (and finishing).

Keep an eye out for the recipe blog. I have a ton of recipes, and the collection grows every month, so it will be a work in progress for at least the next few weekends. I’ll spam the social network with links when it’s completed. Meanwhile, live life, people! Live it hard!

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