Jul 27

Frat-tarded, or, “To what do I owe this flagrant display of entitlement?”

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The fraternity which is renting a portion of one of our buildings starting next month sent us an email more or less demanding approval of construction on that building to make it more suitable for their fraternity related use. Mind you, they did specify it would be temporary construction and at their expense, but the phrasing was more an expectation for service than a request for our permission to move forward. From the actual email:

“I am aware you have been contacted by our Nationals headquarters to talk about certain changes we would like to make for the betterment of both our fraternity, your company, and the rest of the tenants living in the building.  By no means do we feel that living in your building will be anything like living in a Fraternity house and we plan to treat the apartments with the utmost respect and courtesy.  With that being said, over the past year our fraternity has suffered some housing issues that were above our control and led us to find our new home at your building this year.  Considering that we do not have a house this year, we have no place to hold brotherhood meetings and chapter.  The head of our fraternity at our national organization sent us an
email several months ago proposing several changes he would like the make to the complex to help us create the brotherhood room,which your building does not have right now.  This is why we are pushing for a few changes and would love to see them pursued.

All of these changes or improvements to the building will be paid for by our Nationals office and could be completely taken out at the end of the year. I am under the impression that you have been contacted with these ideas, but just to reiterate:

We would like to put a wall up separating the entrance way/stairs on the first floor along with a door that only the people that live on the first floor would have a key to.  This would give us the room and privacy we would like to have.  In the future, this could also give more privacy to the
people on the first floor considering they have a complete opening to the front door.  We would move the mailboxes to outside that wall or make new mailboxes so other tenants could still get their mail.  We would also want to put walls up on the 2nd floor blocking off entrance to our 3 rooms that we occupy on that floor.  These two walls could very easily be taken out after the years end as well.

Please let me know when we can do this so we could inform our Nationals that it is okay to move
forward with these changes.  We are getting close to the move-in date so the quicker we could start this, the better.”

They’re on drugs, right? That’s the only possible explanation I can wrap my head around at this point, because even with my cynical world view, I refuse to believe that kids really behave with this level of unapologetic entitlement. They haven’t even moved in yet and I’m already having nightmares about that building.

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