Nov 30

The Atypically Relevant Answer to “Go the Fuck to Sleep.”

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The bossman has a silly rule ’bout someone being here
To show and rent apartments for next academic year.

Today is just a rare day where there’s nothing left to do
Can’t hide under my desk and nap or my employment will be through.

Do some rainy day project? If I had one here, I would.
I finished it all months ago, ‘cuz frankly I’m that good.

Already cleaned the office, and even vacuumed floors.
Dusted my keyboard, windexed prints off all the office doors.

Did months of filing yesterday, No showings until 3:00.
Been to where the internet ends – a sad state of affairs indeed.

Thirty minute bathroom break? Can’t do that again.
Otherwise a case of diarrhea I must feign.

There’s only one thing left to try that makes some kind of sense;
To justify my paycheck and maintain a work pretense.

I’ll type away here at my desk, the whole world for to see
And leave you with my pen drawing of toys doing evil deeds.

And I’m not even an artist. Or much of a poet either, apparently.

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