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Nov 22

WTF Friday: Assault By Any Other Weapon

Earlier in the week, my husband linked me to a news story that happened near where we live. The full article is so hilariously well written in describing events, so I won’t rehash it here but to say READ IT. It involves fisticuffs, spilled bacon, and a frozen turkey. It is worth perusing.   …

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Jan 18

Bitcherella, the Evil College Roommate – Part One

Happy GLORIOUS Friday! I took a whole Ambien last night and experienced nothing until 6 am when I woke up having to pee, and thinking it was the weekend. Imagine my intense bitterness at being reminded otherwise by the alarm clock. And then my husband. And then Mika. Somehow, once I got to the office, …

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Nov 09

WTF Friday: Letter to the Unwashed Undergrads

Dear Undergraduate Population Throughout our Great Nation, You little bastards are disgusting. College kids should have to be wrapped in plastic or body condoms or something, and then prohibited from touching shit. I think I just wiped snot and a particularly virulent strain of syphilis off the public facing side of my desk. No joke-  …

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Jul 27

WTF Friday: I’m poking my mom’s boyfriend.

As I live (sleepily) and breathe (cautiously – suspicious of all these people around me with mid-summer Sars or some shit), I am coming to you live (but not fully coherent yet) from a flying cattle car somewhere over the midwest. Either I’ve gotten fatter since the last time I flew, or these airline seats …

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Jul 25

I’m gonna kick you in the taco, hobag.

So as I slip further and further into this debillitating bout with STS (short timer’s syndrome) I find it easier and easier to shuffle off the ball and chain that is work. Example: I have spent all day thus far answering phones and filing occasionally while watching Netflix and also crafting at my desk. Coworker …

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