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Jun 21

We are all hilariously stupid.

It’s been stressful around the Atypically Relevant universe lately while I keep busy and await some possible big news. Since I’ve been stalking and crashing on your proverbial couches by way of funny comments, I figured I’d throw a small party here at my place. So without any glitzy centerpieces are 20 piece bands, I …

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Sep 17

I wouldn’t be surprised by a water balloon baptism.

  As I mentioned two or three hundred times over the past few months, the husband and I moved to the other side of town at the beginning of September because our former management company decided to pull a dickbag move and jack our rent. Then, to add insult to ‘fuck you’, they also decided …

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Sep 10

A Sick Day and a Guest Blog: The Return is Imminent

You know you’re officially through the month of hell when the boss leaves for a 10 day hunting trip. That would be fantastic news, but for the fact that it coincided with our long awaited moving day. The major furniture is moved in, but then my husband jumped on a plane to jet off to …

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Jan 03

Foresight vs. foreskin: All about New Years Resolutions

What’s the difference between someone that wants to improve themself, their life, and their year in general versus a smegma laden foreskin on the penis of humanity?  Foresight. New year’s resolutions are balls. And the people who ride your ass about not making them or not publicizing them are dicks. Especially when you get to July 1st and realize that …

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Mar 04

Getting lost in life…

I had initially put this site together to keep everyone up to date on the wedding and family stuff. There hasn’t been much to update since the wedding, but now that things are settling down, I have my list of things I want to start dedicating my time to starting (and finishing).

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