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Jan 02

The Rabid Nutball Has Returned.

  Happy 2013, people!   It’s been a long hiatus, and I wish I could say that I was taking a much needed vacay, but that’s not really true. November and December are my busiest months because I generally go from 95% vacancy to about 20% vacancy in a whirlwind 3 weeks. I worked a …

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Jul 27

WTF Friday: I’m poking my mom’s boyfriend.

As I live (sleepily) and breathe (cautiously – suspicious of all these people around me with mid-summer Sars or some shit), I am coming to you live (but not fully coherent yet) from a flying cattle car somewhere over the midwest. Either I’ve gotten fatter since the last time I flew, or these airline seats …

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Jul 09

How do you beat the heat if you can’t land a punch?

As we’re down to our last 2 apartments, and a month away from the great blistering hell that is campus turnover (wherein I will get no time off from August through September), Ken and I decided that we needed some time off. We both like to camp, but after the Great Sing-along Debacle of 2009, we haven’t …

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May 17

The boobs are EVERYWHERE.

I got bored waiting for a showing earlier this week, so I started playing Draw Something. There are entirely too many somethings being drawn in this game with decidedly sexual overtones. I’m not much of an artist, but I feel like I get the point across pretty well. Not like these little fuckertwats who just …

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Apr 30

Rusty Hedgehog: Modern Art, or Depraved Sex Act?

Ah, long weekends! The delightful lack of responsibility. The languorous passage of time. The metric assload of work you end up having to catch up upon your return… So in case anyone actually wondered where I went or actually missed me, I decided to take a week hiatus after our Dubuque trip. With everything at …

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