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Nov 13

The Flaming Wok: a Murder-Suicide Near-Miss

I feel as though I owe all of humanity a deep and heartfelt apology for my very extended absence, but it’s actually been very good for me. For anyone who doesn’t already have the 411 from stalking my personal Facebook, I got a new job. A couple, actually. No longer am I freezing my ass …

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Jun 25

More Love Letters of Doom

Let’s play a game of riddles!   What has two thumbs, is working this weekend, and has a less than positive attitude about it?   If you didn’t know that I was referring to myself, then you’re obviously new here. Welcome. And brace yourself.   It just so happens that the 30th, and termination dates …

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Jun 21

We are all hilariously stupid.

It’s been stressful around the Atypically Relevant universe lately while I keep busy and await some possible big news. Since I’ve been stalking and crashing on your proverbial couches by way of funny comments, I figured I’d throw a small party here at my place. So without any glitzy centerpieces are 20 piece bands, I …

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Jun 12

You’re a creep. Put away your weiner.

Great, now I have a terrible Radiohead song in my head. It couldn’t be helped though. I’m trying to prevent a future sex offender.   I started this all wrong…Let me start again.   I’m dog sitting for my friend Tina while she’s out of the state. As I was taking him for a walk …

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May 29

Congratulations: you’re a social atrocity. Fix it.

I received what is possibly the greatest voicemail of my entire life yesterday. My friend and I have a standing date at 6:15 on weeknights to go to the gym. Over this holiday weekend we’d gotten a bit lax and when she left after dinner on Monday she said “Gym tomorrow – no excuses!” I …

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