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Mar 26

Babies and Temporary Lesbians

This image will stick with you all day, at least. You're welcome.

Good thing: The tenants are on spring break this week and I only received 14 calls yesterday. Bad thing: The boss is back from vacation. Very bad thing: I have absolutely no work to do since I did it while he was gone last week, so I can’t even pretend to be busy.   On …

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Mar 05

Average Inanity with a Twist of WTF?!?


On the way home from work yesterday, there was a 10 minute period where my husband and I had a conversation about DNA testing dog crap that pet owners fail to pick up. Him: Wait, that’s a thing?!? Noooooo! Me: It is. Some communities are very serious about keeping clean. Him: I would find one …

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Feb 21

What in the fuzzy pink hell is this?!?

As many of you know, I am a crafty bitch. Cooking, baking, cake decorating, sewing, cross stitching, framing, furniture restoration – I’m good at pretty much all the crafting pursuits (except crochet – I’d like to Ch 1, turn; sc in first 5 (10, 15) dc in your ass, bitch.) and the ones I haven’t …

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Jan 11

I’ve done so much today, and yet I’ve done nothing.

I know that some people in this world can make a career out of getting paid to sit around and look pretty on Fridays (and I woke up with some luxuriously curly porn star hair this morning, so I’m no exception), but I’m usually pretty good about filling my hours with actual work. Today? No. …

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Oct 29

My vagina is ringing and other assorted quirks.

Sorry y’all – work ate my last two weeks and I just don’t know where it all went. On top of work stuff, Friday was our long awaited masked opera and my in-laws were here from California for the game. It was a fully loaded weekend and I haven’t had a chance to speak to …

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