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Feb 12

Fuck Kale.

I’m not going to apologize for the extended hiatus. Life happens, quickly, and before you know it you’re 2 jobs and 3 years removed from where you were the last time you documented it. I had an unexpected change in employment late last year, took 2 months off, and am now working 2 jobs for …

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Jun 30

Spaaaa-aww, fuck.

Everyone who gets to know me personally knows that I don’t exactly follow the socially approved format of the typical female. I hate¬†clothes shopping. I own 7 pairs of shoes, and 2 of them are different types of tennis shoes. Given a choice, my ideal gift is something useful like a vacuum or a shiny …

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Jun 02

Old Navy, you’re a crusty skank.

I’d spend a paragraph apologizing profusely for my lack of posts in the past many months, but many of you understand all too well (and some of you beat me to the punch), so I’ll just say Hello. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed blogging. Even though work has been ridiculously busy, I still find myself …

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Nov 22

WTF Friday: Assault By Any Other Weapon

Earlier in the week, my husband linked me to a news story that happened near where we live. The full article is so hilariously well written in describing events, so I won’t rehash it here but to say READ IT. It involves fisticuffs, spilled bacon, and a frozen turkey. It is worth perusing.   …

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Nov 19

It’s a Full Moon and There Are Asses Everywhere.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m no longer a property manager, so I no longer have tenants. That said, the front desk phone rolls over to my desk if the receptionist is away from the desk or on the other line, so I still get to talk to a lot of the company’s …

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