Nov 22

WTF Friday: Assault By Any Other Weapon

Earlier in the week, my husband linked me to a news story that happened near where we live. The full article is so hilariously well written in describing events, so I won’t rehash it here but to say READ IT. It involves fisticuffs, spilled bacon, and a frozen turkey. It is worth perusing.


As is the fashion in the midwest at this time of year, it snowed today. As in, “leave a few minutes early to clear off the car and wear mittens” snow. Because I prepared accordingly, traffic was actually not bad at all and I got in 30 minutes early.


At 8:00, when everyone would generally be getting to work, maybe 2 people were on time. The receptionist was in at 8:15 bitching and moaning about how terrible traffic was and how many accidents she passed, all before she even took her coat off. Everyone else trickled in between 8:20 and 8:45 grumbling about stupid drivers too.


Before any of these grumbles started rumbling through the office, my other early arriving coworker and I made a friendly wager about how many people would show up late this morning and use traffic as an excuse. We went so far as to pull up the real time traffic cams pulled up on the internet, and make a tally every time someone claimed there was an accident. Because people live all over, very few people here take the same route to work, yet at the end of our tally, we had claims of 23 accidents on the commute this morning.


Meanwhile, my coworker and I were checking the traffic cameras and both seeing the same thing – the roadways were clear and our Starbucks toting coworkers are dirty fucking liars, trying to enjoy a leisurely Friday. I’m onto you people.


In related news, my only traffic snafu today happened when I went to pick up my salad at lunch. As I was proceeding to make a right turn on green at a traffic light, some asshole decided to change lanes in the intersection while running a red light and speeding, nearly t-boning me in the process. Most people would sheepishly drive off as fast as possible and try to pretend the event never happened. Not this douche. No, he flipped me off for being in his way. I responded in kind with my own single finger salute. He tapped his brakes at me and then changed lanes to get next to me. As he pulled along side me, he rolled down his window and started screaming at me to watch where my bitch ass was going and made various vulgar references to the intelligence of my vagina.


Not one to rise to his bait, I ended the confrontation graciously and reasonably. I chucked an empty coke can through his window and blew him a kiss before driving off.


But at least I didn’t beat him over the head with a frozen turkey.

Nov 19

It’s a Full Moon and There Are Asses Everywhere.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m no longer a property manager, so I no longer have tenants. That said, the front desk phone rolls over to my desk if the receptionist is away from the desk or on the other line, so I still get to talk to a lot of the company’s tenants. I’m running a hot streak of being cursed at by little old ladies at least once a day. It’s like there’s been a full moon every day for the last week. It’s easy to laugh it off when it’s some young, dumb and full of cum college kid, but when it’s your grandpa? That shit’s fucked up.


full moon


“I’ve been trying to reach *so and so* all day, and she’s not returning my calls!”
“Did you leave her a voicemail?”
“I don’t want to leave her a voicemail! I want to talk to her now!”
“Well, it doesn’t appear that she’s in the office at this point, so unless you have access to her cell phone, I cannot help you and it would be in your best interest to leave her a message so she can return your call.”
“Go fuck yourself.”


Unless you have a direct telepathic link to her brain, leave a damn message.

Unless you have a direct telepathic link to her brain, leave a damn message.


One guy was calling for someone who wasn’t in the office (and I told him as much) and kept calling back as soon as her voicemail picked up.On his 6th call, I called him out.

“You’ve called 6 times in the last 5 minutes. Either leave her a voicemail message, or try her again tomorrow, but I will not be transferring you again, so I’d highly recommend that you choose wisely.”
“Fuck off. I’ll call as many times as I want.”
He called back 30 seconds later, so I picked up the call and disconnected it without even saying hello. And then 10 more times because he was, apparently, that stupid.


We have a lot of elderly residents in elderly housing communities, and because most of them are disabled and/or don’t work, they like to fill their days by making angry calls and writing angry letters. One such lady managed to land at my desk on Friday at 4:15 (15 minutes before we close for the day) demanding to speak to my boss, the president.

In a sweet, frail old lady voice: “Yes, ma’am. I’ve got a problem with the people running the place I live, and I desperately need to talk to your boss because I just can’t keep on like this…”
“Well, I apologize that you’re having those troubles. Unfortunately, he is out of the office this week and won’t be returning until next week. Generally, we’d have you speak to your property manager first to give them the opportunity to correct the problem and –”
Losing any vestige of sweetness: “SHE IS THE PROBLEM! Now you listen to me, you little bitch – no one is ever out of the office for a whole week! I demand to speak with him right now, and if he’s not here, then I want the next person in charge behind him!”
“Okay, that would be *Department manager*. I’ll transfer you now.”
“NO! I hate her! She’s in cahoots with that harlot that runs this dump!”
“Well, ma’am, those are your options. It’s late on a Friday afternoon and most of our staff is gone for the weekend. If you’d like to leave a message, I’d be happy to transfer you–”
“This is ridiculous! There should be someone there every day to answer my call if I need something! I’m not happy. I haven’t been happy since I moved here!”
“Ma’am, may I have your name and address?”
“Why do you need that?”
“To make sure that I can communicate your information and your message to the appropriate person. And also because if you’re unhappy in that community, there may be other communities you can transfer to. Your current community has a long waiting list and I’m sure there are any number of people who would be thrilled to live there.”
“No! I’m not moving out!”
“Well then, since you’ve exhausted all of your options and are still being unreasonable, it’s now past my quitting time and I’m going to disconnect. You do your best to have a nice weekend.” *click*


And yesterday at around 3:30, there was the guy I shall henceforth refer to as “strung out on ALL the drugs.”

An unhappy resident launched into a diatribe that vascillated wildly between tears, Stoner Keanu, and Pseudo-intellectual, and failed to give me his name once during the course of an 8 minute call. Apparently, his girlfriend kicked him out, and he didn’t have his apartment keys, and he couldn’t get into his apartment, and no one at the office had answered his call in three.whole.hours. He pays rent for someone to be in that office from 8:00 to 5:00, and he thinks that his (now ex-)girlfriend is going to stick him with rent instead of subleasing in a timely manner and she’s already not paying bills, and the apartment is trashed, and he had a physical altercation with a visitor to the apartment who called the police…

Does your head hurt yet? Mine too! All the while, he was using 2 dollar words entirely out of context, and called me a “fucking slag” when I told him that he’d need to speak to a manager who was out that day. I told him that while I understood his frustration, swearing at me was not going to get him the speedy resolution he demanded. So then he switched back to Pseudo-Intellectual and said he was very disappointed in me (HAH!), that I had an obligation to respond to his concerns in a timely fashion, and that he expects better than to be treated like a criminal (?), at which point I put him into his property manager’s voice mail.

His manager replied this morning –  ”He didn’t leave me a voicemail. Lucky me! But he is a criminal. He broke down a door in the apartment to get at some guy and start a physical altercation.”


And this is how I feel after covering the phones for any length of time.

And this is how I feel after covering the phones for any length of time.


The receptionist has been trading stories with me about some of the crazies she’s dealt with and I’m giving her helpful tips. She recommended that she just be allowed to tell them all that I said to blow it out their tight asses.


I might just be turning into a bad influence.

Nov 13

The Flaming Wok: a Murder-Suicide Near-Miss

I feel as though I owe all of humanity a deep and heartfelt apology for my very extended absence, but it’s actually been very good for me. For anyone who doesn’t already have the 411 from stalking my personal Facebook, I got a new job. A couple, actually.

  • No longer am I freezing my ass off on winter days to show apartments to spoiled college kids that never show up.
  • No longer am I mediating roommate disputes for grown ass adults.
  • No longer am I dealing with constant, idle threats of lawsuits from clueless parents, unpaid overtime and verbal abuse from my employer, or that general feeling of dread at opening my eyes every morning.

No longer am I working in property management.


I “Woohoo’d” so hard that I got fined by the NFL for excessive celebration.

I decided that my mental well being was well worth a paycut, and I accepted a job with another management company (that also does some property management, but without an iota of help from yours truly) as the executive assistant to the president. I also work in the Rural/Affordable housing department in compliance. (On a side note, I’ve gotten some very promising referrals for massage therapy as well.) Needless to say, I’ve spent the past 3 months trying to keep my head on straight while I get the hang of everything, and I’ve only recently started to realize some breathing space.

I can’t promise a 3x/week update, but I’m back from the dead!


Today’s update comes to you from the murder machine I married. Thanks, Honey!


We decided that beef with broccoli might be nice for dinner last night, and we all know how my husband got married just so he could stop eating vegetable (please don’t ask me to explain his logic), so I jumped at the opportunity to get him to eat something moderately healthy. I got the wok out and oiled, and left it to heat up while he started making rice. A few moments later, he called out from the kitchen, “Is the wok supposed to be smoking?”

“Yes. It’s a wok. High heat is kind of its thing.”

“Oh. Well, it just caught fire.” He delivered the line deadpan. Very matter of fact. No panic whatsoever. So I walked into the kitchen to check on its progress, assuming that he’s just being the usual charming smartass only to find that there are, in fact, flames shooting into the air from the wok as he is holding the damn thing by the handle.

Like this, but bigger.

Like this, but bigger.

“Don’t just stand there, man! Dump some baking soda on it!”

“Oh. Can you get it for me?” Still no urgency.

I grabbed the baking soda from the pantry, unceremoniously dumped a healthy amount in the wok and watched the fire snuff out, before he set the pan down.

Right back on the burner.

Which was still set to high.


“Put it in the sink, Ken!”

He carefully placed the wok in the sink and turned back to turn the burner under the rice off, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the other burner was still on and glowing a nuclear shade of red, and the wok is still emitting foul black smoke in the sink behind him.

“Ken… Run some water in the pan.”

By the end. our house was filling with black smoke, and we had the patio door open to clear out the apartment with 28 degree air, there was baking soda dust everywhere, and the fire alarm is going off.


You know, I always joke with my husband that his inexhaustible supply of ratty t-shirts and aversion to shaving makes him look like a dirty hobo. Go figure that he’d cozy up to a barrel fire right there in our kitchen. Baby needs an E-Z Bake Oven.




And finally, I leave you with an inappropriate anecdote from the Queen and myself:

Queen Inappropriate, talking about one of her monster dogs: She’s just a terrible dog. She’s chewed up 2 pairs of panties, 2 pairs of pants, a top, one of Jay’s shoes, a pair of headphones that she literally opened a drawer with her mouth and took out the headphones, the single Burberry shoe, the single Prada shoe, and one Ugg.
Me: She should be commended for the Ugg. Get that dog a pupcake.
Queen Inappropriate: it was a slipper. Don’t judge me, slut.


Happy Hump-Day, boys and girls! Bonus points go to the person with the most creative humping picture.

Jun 25

More Love Letters of Doom

Let’s play a game of riddles!


What has two thumbs, is working this weekend, and has a less than positive attitude about it?


If you didn’t know that I was referring to myself, then you’re obviously new here. Welcome. And brace yourself.


It just so happens that the 30th, and termination dates for two of my apartments, falls on Sunday and I will have to do inspections on Sunday morning. The past several months have been a culmination of backstabbing, broken promises, belligerence, and believe it or not, it’s not me. Between some of the tenants, and the people I work with, I positively dread rolling out of bed in the morning to come to this awful place, and I have moments every single day where I fight the urge to quit without notice and become penniless and homeless because it can’t possibly be worse than working with people who clearly hate you.

Needless to say, I’ve been trying not to unload this because it’s not funny, it’s just really horrible, but if I don’t let some of this out, I’m going to lose my shit, so here goes nothing. I’ll try to make it amusing.



Love Letters of Doom – the Ultimatum


Dear boss and coworkers,

Remember when I started here and was just a dumb girl employee who couldn’t be trusted to properly check out an apartment? No, that was the work of far more competent people of the male persuasion. But then the first weekend turnover happened and it’s been my job ever since. Because working a weekend be women’s work now.


Of course, that never stops you from micromanaging the ever loving bejeezus out of my work. “Is the oven clean? Are the drip plans clean? Did you check blinds? Did you check screens? Did you pull out the appliances and make sure it was clean underneath?”


Hmm, let me think…Yeah, no. I stood there in the middle of the apartment and communed with the good spirits who told me that everything is in acceptable condition. The notebook full of condition notes is actually a journal in which I write moving poetry and the big ass camera around my neck is just a ridiculously oversized necklace. Jackass.


Meanwhile, I’ll be taking a half day to make up for the hours I’ll be working on my day off and I have no doubt that you’re going to pitch a fit because I wasn’t there to answer the phone that isn’t ringing. You’ll keep watching what time I leave for appointments, or lunches that you don’t think I’m entitled to, and you’ll note the times that I return and harass me about where I am and what I’m doing every second of my day while still willfully disobeying the law and not paying overtime. Where was I for an hour? Well, not that my lunch plans are any of your business, but I figured I’d drive to the local park, have a sandwich, and possibly sacrifice a virgin to the Great Mephistopheles for a few minutes before returning to my mundane existence as a lowly “secretary.” Also, let’s discuss titles here, Skippy McMisogynist. I know you probably use Mad Men as your HR handbook and idolize Don Draper, but the word “secretary” went out of style around the same time as Jane Fonda’s hairstyle circa “Nine to Five.”


You all treat me like an expendable here and it gives me no incentive to do more than you ask me, but do you know the other reason I don’t take initiative, Boss? It’s because you’re a batshit crazy control freak. You complain incessantly that you’re swamped and you’ll never get caught up and you don’t have time to worry about little stuff that we can handle. And yet? When I ask if there’s something I can help with, you tell me no – you have to handle it. Then, in the next breath you’re at my desk wondering what I’m working on and criticizing how I do everything even though you were on vacation four times in the past 3 months and couldn’t figure out how to do the rest of our jobs if you were given an instruction manual and a fairy god mother.  Why bother to take initiative to do anything when I’m going to be second guessed by not one, but two other people who spent so much time supervising that they could have done it themselves.



My dearest Tenants!

Most of you are pretty decent as far as tenants go. This has actually been a pretty good year, a handful of people and their parents excepted. But some of you are raging sociopaths. The things that you say about me or other people in the office in your pitiful attempts to appeal to whomever you perceive to be in a position of power is ridiculous. Sadly, I can’t trust most of you any further than I can drop kick you and give how thick skulled some of you are, I’m afraid of breaking any more toes. That doesn’t stop you from claiming that I promised you something that has never been done in the history of this company, or claiming that you talked to someone that doesn’t work here. You will even be so bold as to cite conversations that you had with me on days that I’ve actually been out sick or on vacation. That’s why I put everything in writing. You can say it happened until you’re blue in the face, but if it isn’t in writing, there’s a 99.9% chance that it’s the kind of terrible fiction that only the Stephanie Meyers of the world can get away with.

I would ask, “How stupid do you think we are?” but you, Boss, will automatically assume that everything they say is gospel and that I’m the one in the wrong. And this? This is why you can’t get a “secretary” to stick around for more than 6 months.


This company is the reason that so many people defecate on their employer’s desk by way of resignation and I’ve talked to your previous employees – I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that it’s been done before. Lucky you – I’m literally too anal retentive for that approach, and even when I’ve really hated an employer, I’ve never been vindictive. I’ve stuck around long after everyone else would have blown this popsicle stand out of a misplaced sense of responsibility and the work ethic you are convinced that I don’t possess. But rest assured that while I won’t take a dump on your chair when I leave, and I will be leaving, I do give a crap just enough to make sure that the karma bus mows you down like a jet powered lawn mower.







Jun 21

We are all hilariously stupid.

It’s been stressful around the Atypically Relevant universe lately while I keep busy and await some possible big news. Since I’ve been stalking and crashing on your proverbial couches by way of funny comments, I figured I’d throw a small party here at my place. So without any glitzy centerpieces are 20 piece bands, I give you some random hilarity from me and mah peeps these last few months.




“You get all the cool stuff. I just get unfriended by Jesus.”
-Dani at Facebooking from the Edge


“I’m still holding out to be a bronze statue in the town square for my contributions to society… Of course, if that’s not possible, perhaps I could be made into spice, so the contributors to headache in my life can truly and sincerely eat me.”
-Drew Baxter in a conversation about art, gone terribly awry.


“Listen, when I see a group of Marines in their dress blues coming towards me on the street, I avert their gaze because they always look like they could disembowel me with an index finger and a dirty look.  A group of Navy guys always look like they are about to break into a musical song and dance number.  I respect you guys, and I know you are tough as shit, but Christ, you really drew the short straw on this one…I should go.  I imagine there is a Navy Destroyer somewhere poised to fire a Tomahawk missile right up my ass…”
-Arrogant SOB during a Chaos in Theory blog-lecture


“Babies are magical. They make my friends disappear.”
- Me, regarding my dearly departed social circle.


“As a matter of fact, I think masturbation during prayer hour would be a fantastic use of my time. A whole hour is more than enough time to do it right!”
- Me, regarding what I’d do during prayer time at a religious private school.


Ken, while flipping through an old book:
“Ugh! Weird pictures of testicular torsion! I don’t need to see pictures of that. I KNOW it’s fucked up.”


Queen Inappropriate, regarding a certain blouse:
“It’s sooooo comfy and so flattering! Wear a push up for a night on the town or strap those puppies down for the office.”
Me: “I don’t strap shit down for this office. These puppies are crowd control.”


Tina, regarding my atheist lack of soul:
“You’re like a ginger, only you did it to yourself.”



me: *hwarf*

Queen Inappropriate: wtf is a hwarf
me: That would be the onomatopoeic version of *vom*. Because anything related to mung is ick.
Queen Inappropriate: wtf is a vom? Is onomatopoeic a real word?
me: Yes. An onomatopoeia is a word that makes the sound it’s describing. Like “thud” or “thwackata, thwackata, thwackata.”

Queen Inappropriate: This conversation is terrible. Like, this is not at all what I came to this chat for.



me: You’ve never experienced Disneyland until you’ve spent 10 hours there with a fever.
Steve: And I never will. Mickey can suck my dick.
Me: Being that the Mickey costume is generally worn by a girl, that’s not a half bad proposition.



me: I have to go pick up my cat from Meowschwitz after work because we’re Anne Frank-ing her while our management does the annual apartment inspections.

Steve:  And you say this to a Jew.
Steve:  I <3 you.


Queen Inappropriate, regarding her husband:

He’s so awesome. I don’t believe in god, but if I did, I’d believe he sent him to me as a reward for not slaying my family when I was a child.


My husband, calling me at the office: Did you bring your gym bag to work today?

Me: No, why?

Him: Crap! I forgot to put deodorant on this morning.

Me: I have some in my desk…

Him: Is it strong enough for a man? Never mind. I’ll be right there.


me:  My god, tenants are such drama queens. And I actually mean “queen” pretty literally here. In a “pound me in the ass, Freddie Mercury” kind of way.



From Val, following an exchange of mailing addresses:Val: Thanks! Now I shall totally show up all creepy like at your house! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding… Or… Am I….?
Me: I have an attack cat. Bring it.
Me: No, seriously, I’m bleeding right now. Bring band aids.
Val: I’m all out of band aids.. But… I’ve got duct tape. And also .. Hope.

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